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Back in Beijing for adidas Nations!


Just touched down in Beijing! Thankful to be a part of @adidashoops Nations. Got a great group of coaches with me. Should be a lot of fun! #adidasnations #beijing #china #BlueprintBasketball #adidasHoops

Hope everyone is doing well this morning. It’s almost noon back in Houston, about 1am here in Beijing. The crew and I just got to China a few hours ago. Crazy to think this is my 3rd time here in the past 10 months. Very blessed to have this opportunity. I have 5 really good coaches here with me. All of them have coached from high school to the NBA & D-League. adidas has brought us here to work with 40 kids from all over China. The majority of the kids are high school age, but they play professionally here in the Chinese Basketball Association. A few of the kids play for regular high schools and haven’t been exposed to the same level as training, but are very talented as well.

Tomorrow we will meet as a staff and then hit the streets and be tourists. I believe we will make a stop at the Silk Market also. For anyone that doesn’t know anything about the “Silk Market”, they’re known for selling fake high end bags, watches, shoes, clothes and even electronics. I may run in there and do the Bow Wow Challenge and flex for the gram a little. Hahaha just kidding. But I will definitely be posting some pics from everything we see tomorrow. I pray everyone has a blessed day and talk to you soon!